SQL Script to parse the FullName field to individual components- part 2

In this post I would like to focus on names which are in the following format:

Tendulkar, Sachin
Tendulkar ,Sachin
Tendulkar, Sachin R

and i want to select only first names which are below and in the below format where I don’t need comma’s, middlenames and trimmed firstname:

Name Count
Sachin 3

select PARSENAME( subq1.name+replicate('. ',2-(len(subq1.name)-len(replace(subq1.name,'.','')))),2) as FirstName
,count(1) as Cnt from (
select replace(replace(REPLACE(name,', ','.'),',','.'),' ','.') name from <names table> (nolock)
       <inner join based on your requirement>
       where <conditions based on your requirement>
) subq1
group by PARSENAME( subq1.name+replicate('. ',2-(len(subq1.name)-len(replace(subq1.name,'.','')))),2) order by Cnt desc

Hope this helps!

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