Sync’ing sql server authentication logins between mirrored or logshipped databases in SQLServer

To Sync SQLServer authentication logins between mirrored instances:

First create the login on the source database.

Execute the below code in ssms on source server master database

select name,sid from syslogins 

Copy the name and sid and use the same sid when you are creating the login in the mirrored instance using the below code

create login  with password = '*******',sid = paste the sid here with no quotes,default_database = yourdatabasename, default_language = English

The default_database = yourdatabasename is not necessary as sqlserver by default will choose master database

Once this is done you can assign permissions to the login to a specific database and the log shipping or the mirroring takes care of the user permissions in the mirrored or logshipped database.

Hope this helps.


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